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Integrative Treatment for Hypothyroidism: Blog 1 of 3

To start your integrative approach to Hypothyroidism:

Avoid certain types of foods in large quantities. These include the following:
Cabbage, turnips, brussel sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower and bok choy. Other substances like peaches, pine nuts, strawberries and spinach may stimulate goiters. Their effects are by inhibition of the uptake of iodine by the thyroid gland. One can preserve the nutritional value of those vegetables by steaming or cooking them.

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Adrenal Fatigue
Do you have any of these complaints or symptoms:
  • Difficulty Concentrating
  • Craving salt or sugar
  • Fatigue
  • Problems with morning waking
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Depression
  • Decreased Libido
You may suffer from adrenal fatigue.
Adrenal fatigue may be described as any biochemical, psychological, physical or emotional stress or stressors that depletes the bodies cortisol.More, in fact, it is when the adrenal glands cannot keep up with he stress response placed on the body.

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Healthy Salad Recipe

Easy Avocado/Tomato Salad

Organic Tomatoes Sliced
Cilantro chopped
Fresh crushed garlic (about 2-3 cloves)
Jalapeno pepper chopped
1 Avocado chopped
Organic olive oil (1/4 cup)
1 Squeezed lemon
Substitute salt (sprinkle)

Place in a container and shake up or mix and enjoy!

Why Are These Ingredients Good For You?

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Nutraceuticals and You – Part 1

Coenzyme Q10

So often we see advertisements on TV and social media platforms about various CoQ10 Supplementations, So…

CoQ10 is a fat soluble compound that is made inside the cell. It is vital because it is a cofactor in generating the synthesis of ATP. ATP is the main storage form for energy. It also possesses anti-oxidant properties that can positively impact the physiology by fighting infections, (such as flu or COVID), and stimulation of the immune system against diseases.

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Mold, Mold, Mold – Part 3


Cholestyramine: Is a binder for the biotoxins to remove
Biofilm Agents: breaking agents
Xylitol: breakup biofilms in mouth and GI Tract
Biocidin: Liposomal oral spray, antifungal and antiparasite
Monalaurin: Antimicrobial usage for Lyme’s patients
Intestin-OL: orthomolecular product – 1 at bedtime

Biocidin then Xylitol and lactoferrin – once daily
Biocide then Xylitol and Lactoferrin daily

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Mold, Mold, Mold – Part 2

What You Need to Know About This Toxin

Mold can grow within a person’s nasal and sinus cavity.

Here are a few mycotoxins and what they cause:

  1. Ochratoxin: produced by penicillin and aspergillum which cause cancer
  2. Aflatoxins: from aspergillum. causes liver cancer and depressed RNA synthesis
  3. Citrinin: from penicillium and aspergillum: carcinogenic

The spectrum of health impact on patients can range from:
Respiratory issues: such as allergy and asthma
Immune suppression: leading to infections
Mitochondrial toxicity
Neurologic complaints: memory issues, mood, balance problems and kidney toxicity

Here are some symptoms that patients present with:

  • headaches
  • anxiety/depression
  • tingling and numbness
  • fatigue and malaise
  • memory and cognitive decline
  • gastrointestinal issue: pain, bloating, discomfort
  • sinus infections
  • asthma, pneumonia
  • joint pain and achiness, flu-like sumptoms
  • nose bleeds

**NOTE: patients that have breast augmentation’s may harbor fungi within their implants.

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