About Center for Antiaging Aesthetic and Rejuvenation Medicine PLLC

Integrative Medicine & Functional Medicine located in Suntree, Melbourne, FL

Patients from across the country and around the world come to Melbourne, Florida, to visit the Center for Antiaging Aesthetic and Rejuvenation Medicine. Renowned triple board-certified physician Yale (Yoel) R. Smith, MD, brings nearly 40 years of extensive medical experience to his integrative and functional medicine physician role.

After medical school, Dr. Smith worked as a medical researcher for five years. He then completed a surgery residency followed by a four-year anesthesiology residency. Dr. Smith worked for 27 years throughout Israel and the United States, including as a professor at several universities.

Dr. Smith still holds a lifetime license to practice medicine in Israel and is board-certified in anesthesiology, integrative medicine and antiaging and precision medicine in the United States. Dr. Smith is the only triple board-certified doctor with nearly 40 years of diverse medical experience in the entire Brevard County area.

Dr. Smith specializes in many aspects of integrative and functional medicine, including antiaging, revitalization, and illness prevention. He helps patients de-age internally and externally by uncovering the root cause of illness and poor health and treating the problems at their source.

Advanced treatments like heavy metal detox, hormone replacement therapy, and sleep solutions such as peptide therapy can help patients revitalize from head to toe.

The practice offers extensive testing services to help patients detect health issues, prevent chronic disease, and maximize quality of life.

The Center For Antiaging Aesthetic and Rejuvenation Medicine offers revolutionary technology, like the Cleerly test, which helps to prevent heart attacks; ZRT cortisol testing; Great Plains Laboratory LLC toxic mold tests; and genetic tests for cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

The Center for Antiaging Aesthetic and Rejuvenation Medicine is conveniently located in the Suntree neighborhood in Melbourne, Florida. Book your appointment by phone or through the online scheduler now.