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Yale R. Smith


About Me and Why The Switch to Integrative + Functional Medicine

I had practiced Traditional Medicine for nearly 40 years. Initially I wanted to become a plastic and reconstructive surgeon and thus went into the research arena of this area before entering a surgical residency.

In the midst of my surgical internship I realized that Anesthesiology was a better fit for me. During my four year residency in Anesthesiology at Vanderbilt and the University of Miami Jackson Memorial Hospital, I also moonlighted around the United States as an Emergency Room Physician. Often times I would get on a plane on Friday afternoon and fly to another state to work for 36 hours and them fly back to Florida.

For nearly 40 years I practiced Anesthesiology both teaching as a Professor and also in private practice. Most of my career was doing cardiac or open heart anesthesiology. However I had performed every type of anesthetic procedure for every type of surgical case.

Then the wheels came off!!!! In 2016 while working at a local hospital another anesthesiologist whom had an unknown contagious respiratory illness coughed right in my face. Within 7 weeks I was rushed into the local hospital here in Melbourne confused and disoriented. All I remember was being told that I had pneumonia and needed to be admitted. Within 24 hours I developed Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) and was intubated. I lapsed into a COMA for 6 weeks, suffered 2 cardiac arrests and developed organ failure. I had a tracheostomy at some point and surprising awoke after 6 weeks. The physicians that took care of me were making decisions to let me go “ pull the plug” during that time period.

I spent six weeks in a rehabilitation hospital learning how to walk again and two more years in out patient rehabilitation rebuilding my body.

Over that time period I developed several symptoms of various magnitude. Mostly I had an uncontrollable cough. I went to see several physicians and was given another prescription medicine. My home looked like a Walgreens Pharmacy.

I started looking into all the side effects of the multiple medications and found that some of the side effects were worse than the symptoms that I was having.

I thus looked into a more holistic approach of treatment with natural remedies along with taking nutraceuticals. I started watching my diet and exercised on a daily basis and rebuilt my own physiology.

I realized and was told that it was a miracle that I survived and while I can no longer assist the infirm through their surgery I have been tasked with helping those whom are interested in the prevention of their own diseases through Integrative and Functional Medicine.

Yale ( Yoel ) R. Smith, M.D.

My Experience & Training/education

Dr. Smith Receives The Advanced Metabolic Cardiovascular Certification.

Practicing Anesthesiology for nearly 40 years, Dr. Yale R. Smith has in depth knowledge of anesthetic medications and techniques used in General and Regional anesthesia surgery procedures. He understands the drug effects on patients and diseases. Working with challenging Cardiac Anesthesia cases and having to perform thousands of anesthetics on patients; newborn to elderly, Dr. Yale R. Smith tailors methods used to a patient’s whole-body physiology.

He has transferred this knowledge from Anesthesiology to his Integrative and Functional Medicine Practice at C.A.A.R.M. Dr. Yale R. Smith combines this knowledge with a gift for problem solving to implement research to discover root causes of diseases. Dr. Smith will work with you to re-build your own unique physiologic pattern to better health and longevity using micronutrients, nutrients, diet, exercise, life-style adjustments along with more advanced techniques. Solutions that re-balance your specific physiological needs will emerge after testing.

  • Lifetime General Medical License by the Ministry of Health, Division of Professional Licensing, State of Israel
  • Permanent Expert Board Certification in Anesthesiology by the Ministry of Health
  • Advanced Metabolic Cardiovascular Medical Certification
  • Board Certified American Board of Anti-aging and Regeneration Medicine
  • Advanced Fellow in Anti-aging, Metabolic, and Functional Medicine
  • Board Certified Expert in Anesthesiology, Senior Specialist, State of Israel
  • Board Certified in Anesthesiology, American Board of Anesthesiology
  • Residency in Anesthesiology, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, Tennessee and University of Miami Jackson Memorial and Affiliated Hospitals, Miami, Florida
  • Emergency Room Physician throughout the United States while in Residency Training
  • Surgery Residency: Memorial Health Systems Savannah, Georgia
  • Director of Plastic Surgery Research Laboratory, Temple University Hospital, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Research Fellow Department of Plastic Surgery, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, North Carolina
  • M.D., Ross University School of Medicine