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Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, no. Insurance payments typically allow your doctor to spend only 10 minutes with you and limit coverage for tests. That does not give us the time we need to understand your medical history or order crucial tests required to find the root causes of most conditions. However, some test and lab costs may be reimbursable.

The cost of treatment will depend, in large part, on your individual needs. We will discuss fees when you call for an appointment. The need for and cost of any additional testing from outside laboratories will be discussed during your first visit.

No. We DO NOT treat pediatric patients.

The first and second visits are usually the longest. The first visit includes a physical examination and a long, detailed medical history. Both visits typically take two hours each. At that second visit, you’ll receive laboratory results along, a detailed verbal and written explanation of the results, medical findings and treatment.

Every individual is unique, and most medical problems are complex. Our two-hour initial visit with Dr. Smith (not an assistant) allows an in-depth conversation with you, to explore your health history now and over time, and to gain complete understanding of the evolution and extent of your current health concerns.

Depending on your illness or concern, our testing helps pinpoint exactly what is happening to you on a cellular level. As you progress with treatment, we will explore jointly what is working and what is not, so we can adjust treatment accordingly.

At CAARM, we collaborate with you to address and rebuild your health. We combine the best practices of traditional health care with cutting-edge functional integrative medicine; a new medical field that seeks the root causes of your conditions and finds permanent solutions. We take the time to explain the science behind our findings and treatment recommendations, empowering you to take control of your health.

Yes. Your Insurance will cover your laboratory studies from Labcorp or Quest.
We send in diagnosis codes with the lab work we order. Your Insurance company usually WILL NOT cover special labs we offer that deal with your own cellular physiology (See our website for the list of testing we offer).

The initial lab work will be exhaustive and the laboratory technician may draw up to 12 tubes of blood. You must hydrate well before going to the lab. All tests are fasting. W will give you verbal and written instructions prior to your test date.

We often have patients calling with a unique or long-term issue they are having. If we don’t know about your specific disease, we will research it and refer you to an expert that deals with this.

Genetic-based tests such as SpectraCell, which measures micronutrients on a cellular level, or PULS, which measures your risk for coronary heart disease, are not covered by your Insurance. Insurance companies off minimal reimbursement, thus they rarely cover the cost of years spent developing them. Research companies often cannot afford to take these offers.

Patients pay the office directly for these tests. We either draw the blood in the office or provide the patent with a take-home test kit. Once the results are received, we set up an appointment with the patient to review the results. We will provide a “superbill” for the work you to present to your insurance company as an “out of network" provider.

Because of HIPPA privacy regulations, we cannot discuss any patients, with even family members, without the patient’s prior consent. We suggest you look at the reviews on Google or on our website to see what our patients say about our services.

We urge all patients to reach out to us via email. If there is a minor issue, the physician will contact you back via email. If it is urgent, the physician will call you by phone. Separate after-hours fees may be charged to your credit card for such issues. We instituted this policy because some patients abused after-hour calls. If there is something that cannot be taken care of easily by phone, the office will schedule an appointment for you.

Sadly this is common, in large part because insurance reimbursements limit the time most physicians can spend with their patients. Pressed for time, your physician may not have all the information he or she needs to treat your condition, lab tests may be inadequate or inappropriate, or you may not be receiving a full explanation of your diagnosis. Before prescribing more lab work, we will look at labs from other physicians once you are an established patient.

We often see patients that have spent thousands of dollars seeing someone who has not undergone the exhaustive training and process of becoming Board Certified in Integrative, Functional or Regenerative Medicine (see about Board Certification on our website). Do your due diligence when looking for someone who practices this type of medicine. Check their credentials carefully. Chiropractors, Acupuncturists and Nurse Practitioners are not Medical Doctors and lack the extensive training of a Board Certified M.D.

Here is one quick clue to look for: If the practitioner lists the honorific “Dr.,” followed only by their name, be cautious. The individual generally is not a physician licensed to practice medicine. Most M.D.s and D.O.’s list their names first, followed by M.D or D.O. They are able to prescribe medications, have a DEA license and should be Board Certified.

CAARM’s doctor, Yale R. Smith M.D., is a former anesthesiologist who holds three Board Certifications. He is Board Certified in Anesthesiology in both the U.S. and in Israel and is certified in Integrative Functional Medicine in the U.S. Dr. Smith brings the best of both traditional medicine and cutting-edge Integrative Functional medicine to you.

Dr. Smith can prescribe medication when needed, however, he also has the training and skills to prescribe nutraceuticals when they can provide better health outcomes with fewer side effects. Nutraceuticals are foods that have medical or health benefits. They can be very effective, without causing the potential damage or risks of drug treatments.

CAARM has a number of patients who travel across country – or across the state -- for visits, often combining their medical care with a Florida vacation! In addition, Dr. Smith holds medical licenses in seven states and in Israel.

Florida, Arizona, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Hawaii, New Mexico, in addition to a Lifetime License to practice medicine and Anesthesiology in the state of Israel.

Appointments must be cancelled at least 48 hours prior to scheduled appointment time.

Patients whom cancel their appointment after the 48 hour deadline or do not show up for the appointment will be charged a cancellation fee. We always send email and text reminders of your upcoming appointments. Please cancel/reschedule your appointment at least 48 hours prior to your appointment as it is unfair to other patients or prospective patients wanting an appointment. Unfortunately this has become standard practice in medical offices throughout the United States.

Additionally if a patient schedules three separate appointments and cancels them we suggest they find someone else to care for them!

At CAARM, we believe the healthiest physician-patient relationship is based in mutual respect and collaboration. However, because of a few unfortunate instances, CAARM has instituted a formal written policy and agreement between the practice and patients so rights and responsibilities are clearly spelled out. These include payment policies, appointment cancellations, and work requested after a patient has left the practice, etc.

Please click here to find our Patient Agreement Form.

CAARM accepts cash, checks, and credit cards. Patients can save fees by paying by cash or check rather than a credit card. Patients who choose to use their credit card are charged a service fee of 3.5%, in addition to medical fees. This service fee goes to our credit card processing service, not to CAARM.

Click here to read our Patient Agreement Form.