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Therapies for Urinary Tract Infections

Diets rich in whole grains, fruits and vegetables will promote a healthy immune system.

The avoidance of the following will decrease bladder irritation: simple sugars caffeine, alcohol and tobacco usage. Garlic and it’s component allicin, have antimicrobial urinary pathogens. Onions also contain allicin, but also have flavonoids and quercetin.

A myth of increasing of “pushing fluids” was beneficial. Current thought is of frequent voiding along with complete bladder emptying and fluid intake has greater benefits.

Nutraceutical Supplementation

Vitamin C – may or may not have preventative affects

D-manganese – Has the affect of decreasing the bacterial attachment to the bladder wall decreasing bacteriauria.

Cranberry Juice – has long been a prevention of urinary tract infections. it was thought that it ws due to change in PH. it is now known that its active ingredient PAC’s inhibit bacterial adhesion to the wall of the bladder.
Berberine- Has been shown to decrease E-Coli attachment to bladder epithelial cells.