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The ONmacabim laboratories concept

ONmacabim is not only about the external beauty, but also self confidence, success and a new life philosophy, a philosophy of tranquility, based on two thousand years of experience of many generations. It is no secret that beauty and health are the basis of our emotional equilibrium and a harmonious relationship with the world and with the Self. Our skin is a reflection of that relationship. ONmacabim takes that into account, and therefore we use “wise” dermatology, an efficient combination of internal and external therapy, guided by the individual approach to each client and ensuring comfort and safety of treatments. Our laboratory allows cosmetologists to expand the range of their services indefinitely, using our experience and expertise in this field.

The most recent developments in the world of cosmetology serve as the foundation for creating new treatment protocols, which are born of combining unique properties of medicinal herbs, that grow in the Judean desert and the original ideas of our specialists from the research ONmacabim laboratory. The combination creates a synergy, utilized by the innovative cosmetology industry. The unique characteristic of ONmacabim is in the sui generis multifunctional modular lines, which combine natural herbal bio-stimulators, geared to activate important cell functions.

matty euro skincare

Matty’s Eurospa based in Los Angeles own line is used by Hollywood’s elite including: Sandra Bullock and Halle Berry. CAARM has a direct connection with the owner Matty Solomon. CAARM’s Medspa “The Aura” carries both Matty’s and OnMacabim professional products.


C.A.A.R.M. offers high grade supplements, vitamins and nutraceuticals to support the treatment plans and well-being of its clients.

A nutraceutical product is a food or fortified food product that not only supplements the diet but also assists in treating or preventing disease (apart from anemia), so provides medical benefits.

Below are the brands we proudly have available for our client's.

For questions and availability of specific products call us at  321.421.7111 Or Email us at antiagingflorida@gmail.com