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Cholestyramine: Is a binder for the biotoxins to remove
Biofilm Agents: breaking agents
Xylitol: breakup biofilms in mouth and GI Tract
Biocidin: Liposomal oral spray, antifungal and antiparasite
Monalaurin: Antimicrobial usage for Lyme’s patients
Intestin-OL: orthomolecular product – 1 at bedtime

Biocidin then Xylitol and lactoferrin – once daily
Biocide then Xylitol and Lactoferrin daily

Antigungal Treatment options:
Fluconazole – oral
Itraconazole – oral/nasal spray

  1. Gut health and probiotic and biofilm
    GI Revive + Probiotic + biocidin + Intestin-OL + NAC
  2. Argentyn nasal spray + netti pot
    Until MARCoNS retried
  3. 3. If nasal swab + fungus high concentrate then Itaconzole is next.