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Erectile Dysfunction or E.D. is more commonly referred to as Impotence. Studies performed at a major Medical Center revealed that millions of males ranging from their second decade and upwards suffer from E.D.

Erectile Dysfunction is a form of sexual dysfunction whereby there is the inability to maintain an erection long and firm enough for sexual intercourse. E.D. is considered present if the erection difficulties are present for a prolonged and sustained period of time.

When poor blood flow to the copora canvenosa (two formal chambers of the penis) is insufficient then E.D. can and will occur.

There are many causes for Erectile Dysfunction. Many of these works together to limit the adequacy of erectile function. Such causes include in general: psychological as well as physiological stress that is placed on the body.

However, the most common cause for E.D. is due to inadequate flow from plaque within the vasculature and or restricted blood flow from other causes. This is seen in many cardiovascular disease states like Diabetes.

Hormonal production of Testosterone and other precursor hormones decrease over time. Stress and lack of proper sleep have huge impacts on hormones like Cortisol. This hormone has an inverse effect upon many hormones such as Testosterone and Melatonin. Elevated levels of Cortisol cause damage to hormonal cascade leading to decreases in Testosterone.  Along with the aging process other factors impact Hormonal balance.

Ordering blood testing of a complete hormonal picture one can assist in the physiological correction of hormones specifically Testosterone which will have a positive impact on longevity and correcting E.D.

Alcohol consumption is another factor that can inhibit erectile function by decreasing blood flow to the penis along with decreasing testosterone, libido and can also impact flow of blood to the nerves that supply all tissues and organs. The use of Alcohol can also impact negatively psychological problems.

The obesity rate has exploded throughout the U.S. along with those individuals that have limited exercise and physical activity. There is a direct correlation with Diabetes and cardiovascular disease disorders impacting sexual performance.

Men whom smoke have an association of poor penile blood flow. Moreover, oxidative stress leads to a myriad of problems physiologically with the production of free radicals that damage at the cellular level.

Patients they have sleep apnea and poor sleep behavior lead to insufficient oxygen absorption and consumption causing poor nutrient supply to all tissues including to the penis.

All forms of physiological and psychological stressors on the body can impact on obtaining and maintaining an erection. Additionally, medications lead to side effects causing impotence.

Metabolic Syndrome (MetS): consists of elevated fasting blood sugar, hypertension, hypertriglycemia, increased waist circumference and a decreased HDL. As stated previously this syndrome promotes cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, kidney failure along with poor vascular blood flow and erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction treatment has been effective with the use of phosphodiesterase-5-inhibitors such as: Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. There is a success rate of 80%with such medications. However, such medications have many side effects which can and do acerbate many of the cardiovascular medications that male patients are using.

Gainswave is a non-invasive technique that treats E.D. at the origin. Using low frequency ultrasound waves creates better blood flow, invigorates the growth of growth factors and rejuvenates penile vasculature for a sustained erection. This treatment technique leads to enhanced sexual performance for the individual and his partner.

Under the direction of Yale (Yoel) R Smith, M.D. patients can receive this treatment modality along with others along with obtaining blood levels of hormones to assist in correcting Erectile Dysfunction.