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We receive many calls regarding the treatment for erectile dysfunction. Patients believe they need hormone replacement therapy with testosterone only to realize that the etiology of their problem is something totally different such as adrenal fatigue. It is imperative to perform elaborate work-up to find the root cause(s) and not just taking a pill.


For year’s new patients have been using phosphodiesterase type 5 for E.D. However, while being safe, they possess many side effects and may be contraindicated in patients suffering from cardiovascular disease. They only treat the symptoms, not the cause. One-third of men whom take these, see no benefit along with little positive effect in a man’s libido issues.

When needed for “low T” improves libido, erections and sexual function. This may be prescribed either in a topical form or via an injection. These can compounded for the patients individual specific needs. it should be known that while testosterone is used by patients, blood work to follow levels every 2 weeks through every 6 months should be adhered to. Additionally, repeat laboratory studies which include: PSA, CBC, Liver function, and morning serum testosterone is necessary.

Prostaglandin E Injection

Most men are not and will not perform a self injection of alprostadi into their penile tissue. Thus I will not discuss this any further.

Vacuum Devices

(Better known as “Penile Pumps”)

Sold on the market, these devices are frequently used with 80% patient satisfaction. However, they should be avoided when taking any blood thinners or avoided if a patient has sickle cell.