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C.A.A.R.M. - Melbourne, FL

Dr. Smith has recently completed The Advanced Metabolic Cardiovascular Certification. This Certification covers over 100 hours of lectures and is awarded by the Metabolic Medical Institute, a subsection of the American Board of Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine. Four modules consisting of up 14 lectures involve the following topics: Integrative Cardiovascular Biology, Clinical Revolution in Cardiovascular Health and Disease, Nutritional and Dietary Therapies for Preventative Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease and Metabolic Cardiovascular Health.

The lectures lay a foundation for practitioners to dissect highly complex biochemical and physiological processes of patients origins of cardiovascular disease. The Physician learns how to evaluate patients through a complex gathering of the medical history and with state of the art laboratory testing and tests to evaluate vascular endothelial damage can find the source of and prevention of a patients imminent risk of a catastrophic cardiac event or stroke. Treatment includes standard medical therapies along with life style changes which include diet and exercise in combination with traditional medications and nutraceuticals.

Dr. Smith has been referred patients from local cardiologists whom want to know the reason why they or on multiple anti hypertensive and heart attack medications. These patients want their questions answered not just another medication with side effects.The goal is to prevent and reverse the antihypertensive events along with a catastrophic cardiovascular event from occurring by halting and reversing the disease process by finding the origin of the disease.